Contact Lenses

Are you interested in wearing contact lenses either full or part-time? Contact lens technology has exploded over the past few years and there are some very exciting new options for contact lens wear. Contact lenses can provide freedom from glasses to perform everyday activities at work, home, and recreation. Sports which require helmets such as baseball, hockey, football, skiing, motor sports and cycling are all especially helpful to utilize contact lenses for vision correction. Other sports and hobbies which benefit from contact lens use include: golf, volleyball, soccer, basketball, fishing, running and birding.

Our doctors will assess your prescription, eye health and goals regarding contact lens wear through a comprehensive fitting process to determine the best options for you. During the fitting, your doctor will place a trial contact lens with your initial prescription on and check your vision and how the lens performs on your eye. You will be provided insertion and removal training along with contact lens care instructions by a technician. You will have the opportunity to “test drive” the lenses for a 1-2 week period, then return for a follow up visit with the doctor. At that time, you can report on your satisfaction with comfort, vision, and overall function with the lenses. Once your doctor has determined the best lens for you, the prescription will be finalized so you may purchase a supply of lenses for the year. The cost of the contact lens fitting fee varies based on the complexity of your prescription, and the number of follow up visits necessary also varies with each patient. The cost of contact lenses also varies based on prescription and type of lens.

Daily disposable contact lenses are the preferred choice for doctors and patients. Single use contact lenses are the healthiest option for your eyes, as the risk for infection is the lowest compared to any other type of contact lens. Patient also report the highest satisfaction for comfort and convenience with daily disposable wear. With newer breathable silicon hydrogel daily disposables, your eye can stay hydrated all day long without the hassle of contact lens solutions and cleaning!

There are many new contact lens choices for patients who need correction for astigmatism and for those who wear bifocals. Patients who have been told in the past that they weren’t a good candidate for contact lenses may now have options to wear contacts based on improved technology. Some of these options include: custom toric (astigmatism) soft or rigid gas permeable lenses, scleral contact lenses and multifocal designed lenses . If you are over 40 years old and are struggling with your “up close” vision, there are a few specific options for successful contact lens wear based on your goals for vision correction. If this Is a complicated thing or not recommended for any reason, these images could still be utilized on the page.

An exciting new FDA approved option for children who are at risk of developing rapidly increasing myopia (nearsightedness) is the myopia treatment program with MiSight 1 day contact lenses. This program has shown to slow myopia progression in children by over 50%.

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